Elbow Hand Lateral Epicondylitis Tennis Elbow

Symptoms, causes and treatment of Tennis Elbow

This 2-minute video tells you everything you need to know about the painful condition Lateral Epicondylitis, also known as Tennis Elbow.

Tennis elbow is a painful condition involving the tendons that attach to the bone on the outside (lateral) part of the elbow.  With this condition, the tendons begin to deteriorate, which weakens that part of the elbow. This can lead to pain with activities such as lifting, gripping and/or grasping. Sports such as tennis are commonly associated with this, but the problem can occur with many different types of activities.

Tennis elbow can be caused from:

  1. Overuse: From repetitive gripping and grasping activities, i.e. meat-cutting, plumbing, painting, weaving, etc.
  2. Trauma: Such as a direct blow to the elbow.
The most common age group that this condition affects is between 30 to 50 years old, but it may occur in younger and older age groups, and in both men and women. Learn more about Tennis Elbow at www.HandCare.org.
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